Winning Arguments or People

The Book of Titus: Chapter 3

Y’all, this book will not stop hitting us hard! If you have already read the chapter you know exactly what I am talking about. Apparently, people in the 1st and 2nd centuries had the exact same issues that we do now with engaging in things that are not only not helpful, but detrimental to our witness! And here is Paul addressing something that each of us has undoubtedly noticed is an issue in our own culture some 2,000 years later. So, it turns out that these are actual people that Paul is talking to, not some random assortment of faceless beings which we like to think of them as. Maybe you don’t, but for some reason it is easy for me to disassociate the people in the Bible as being real people, when in fact they are just as much of a person as you and I are with dreams, hopes, faults, and current issues as we have. So, let’s get to the meat of this shall we? The particular passage in this chapter that struck me was verses 1-11, so do yourself a favor and reread that section.

            This really speaks into our culture doesn’t it? Specifically verse 9. Think of the political landscape of our country that each of us have witnessed being changed before our very eyes. Hatred is everywhere, if someone disagrees with you, they hate you and you them. (This is on both sides of the political spectrum whether we like to admit it or not.) As Christians, we have to remember that we are part of a nation that is higher than any of this earth and calls on us to hold ourselves to a higher standard than any nation of this earth could possibly call us to live by. And just like the people that are being talked to by Paul, our calling is not to further the nations of this world, or to prove the other side wrong. Our calling is to advance the Kingdom of God and to win souls to him. In order to do that we have to be able to look at the bigger picture and only engage in the world in ways that speak the love of Christ. Think about it this way, what is more important; winning a political argument and proving “our side” right, or losing an argument and winning someone to Jesus? How many of us have engaged in conversations whether online or in person that are detrimental to our witness to those around us in the past week alone? You can’t change the past, only the future. So, in the future focus on what is important. Winning an argument is not important, winning someone with the love of Jesus is. 

Pastor Alex Gebert Crossroads Wesleyan Church

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