Who Is God Calling You To

The Book of Amos: Chapter 8

Man, Israel is in for it aren’t they? God points out their greediness and how by being greedy they have intentionally made the poor poorer, made the miserable more miserable, and made the exploited more exploited. And they did all of this not for any real reason, but for greed. Let’s be frank here for a second, how much more money could they possibly get by selling something for extra charge to a poor person anyways? They were willing to make people’s lives unnecessarily difficult who already had difficult lives rather than caring for them.

Now… Let’s bring it home. You know, there is a very solid reason that so many people hate (and I mean hate) the Church. If you read Amos 8 or any of the previous chapters, you’ll see why. The Church is just as guilty of every single thing that Israel is being convicted of as Israel is. The Church has committed atrocities in every generation. Turn on the news or go online and you’ll see where someone who was working for a church embezzled, molested a child, or had some sort of other moral failure. Go around the country and you’ll see grand beautiful buildings dedicated to God built next to shacks where people are eating out of trash cans to survive. This message of Amos to Israel applies just as much to the Israelites as it does to us. Take a moment today and let God reveal to us our own failures, our own areas where we have turned a blind eye to the evil of this world. We must be better; we must be more like Jesus. We can no longer afford to turn a blind eye. Right now is the time to jump into the front lines and show people what loving people like Jesus loves people is really like. What is God calling you to? Who is God calling you to?


Pastor Alex Gebert

Crossroads Wesleyan Church

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