What Is Your Crutch

The Book of James: Chapter 5

         Today I want us to really focus on verses 1-6. But maybe not for the reasons that you think. I want us to get at the heart of what it is that James is trying to tell us in these 6 verses. Now, the rest of the chapter is just as amazing and honestly deserves several devotions of its own. But we’re going to stick with verses 1-6 and I’m going to encourage you to do your own study of the rest of this chapter. If you want some help doing it, I would be happy to. Let’s get on to the devotion.          Verses 1-6 is deftly labeled in your Bibles as a “Warning to Rich Oppressors”. You may have read this and be thinking “So we’re going to talk about the protests again.” But we’re going to talk about the heart of what James is saying instead. Throughout the book of James, the idea of only relying on God has been cultivated in ways that speaks to our heart. What James is writing about in these 6 verses is how those that are rich are ultimately relying on their wealth rather than on God. Basically, they are using their wealth as a crutch for life rather than purely trusting Jesus. Before we go any further, I want to make something perfectly clear. There is nothing wrong with having money. There really isn’t. Look all throughout the Old Testament, if God thought there was something wrong with someone having a ton of money then he wouldn’t have blessed a bunch of people with more wealth than we can dream of. Here is my question for you. What are you using as a crutch in this life besides relying on God? Maybe it’s not wealth, let’s be honest, most of us aren’t in the financial position to rely on wealth rather than on God. Be honest with yourself about this question. Whatever the answer may be, cut the ties to dependence on it and instead trust God wholly and entirely. -- Pastor Alex Gebert Crossroads Wesleyan Church

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