What God Are You Worshiping

The Book of Amos: Chapter 3

This chapter continues the judgement of Israel. And unlike the rest of the judgments that we have seen so far in Amos, this one is about the Lord calling witnesses against Israel as if they were in a court setting. This is showcasing how the judgement against Israel is in fact just and that there is a solid reason behind the judgement. There is one particular part of this chapter that I want to focus on however, verses 14-15.

What really stuck out to me in these verses are the descriptions of the wealth that Israel is living in. They have summer and winter houses, houses that are adorned with ivory, and mansions. All of this richness and comfortability is a stark contrast to the evil that has been terrorizing the lands around them. Think of it this way, Israel has been comfortable, rich, fat, and happy while their neighbors have been sold into slavery and slaughtered around them. Does that sound like a people that are worshiping a God that stands for the oppressed and those in need?

Now, let’s talk about us. What does this particular passage say about us? Are we like Israel in this passage? Are we the ones that are too comfortable, rich, fat, and happy to notice what is going on around us? Take a moment, look at your life, evaluate yourself and who you are worshiping. Are we worshiping the God that stands for those who can’t stand for themselves? Or are we worshiping a God that will hopefully make us comfortable?


Pastor Alex Gebert

Crossroads Wesleyan Church

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