Unexpected Works of God

The Book of Amos: Chapter 5

So, we know that Israel has messed up. We know that from the past four chapters. We know that God could righteously wipe the entire nation off of the planet. But instead of wiping them off the planet, in this chapter he offers them a chance to repent and turn back to him. Basically, God does his thing and does the unexpected. Have you experienced that? Have you experienced a time in your life when you expect God to do one thing and instead of doing what you expect, he does something that wasn’t even on your radar? If you’re someone that has paid attention to what God has done in your life, then you have definitely seen God do exactly that.

In my own humble opinion, the most unexpected thing that God has ever done is offer forgiveness. For some reason we don’t seem to realize that he doesn’t have to offer forgiveness to anyone, including us. Have you ever thought about that? God has free will just as we do and could have chosen to not forgive us just as we have certainly chosen to not forgive someone before. Yet, he did choose to offer each of us forgiveness because he loves us. Take a few moments today and ponder that. Jesus loves you so much that he chose of his own free will to come to earth, live, be murdered, then live again so that you can experience not only forgiveness but a life in relationship with your creator.


Pastor Alex Gebert

Crossroads Wesleyan Church

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