The Victory With God

The Book of Malachi: Chapter 4

Victory!! At first, I read this passage and I thought to myself; “Well, that’s not uplifting”. Then I read it again and saw the message of hope that this chapter contains. All of us have struggled with evil. Every single one of us has been struck by the evil in this world, or at the very least have seen others that we love been struck by those with evil intentions whether physically, emotionally, or otherwise. That is a shared human experience. There will be victory. Whatever we have faced in the past or will face in the future from the enemy will be overcome. We will experience victory. In fact, we have already experienced victory. The battle has been won! Like any other enemy that is outmatched the enemy constantly strikes from the darkness, then runs and hides. Whenever you are being struck, remember that is the desperate strikes of an enemy that is already beaten. Jesus has already won the war.

Most likely you’re still struggling with handling the attacks that you have dealt with in the past right? Whenever you are struggling with those feelings of inadequacy, anguish, regret, what you shouldn’t do is ignore them. What you should do, is remember that the battle has already been won. This pain is temporary. It will fade. You will experience the full victory as you never have before. Trust in God, he’s got your back.


Pastor Alex Gebert

Crossroads Wesleyan Church

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