The Truth of God

The Book of Amos: Chapter 7

I want us to focus on the later part of chapter 7 today; verses 10-17. To put it simply, what is happening here is that Amos’ prophesying has reached the ears of the King and the King doesn’t like it one bit. For so many people (including us) the truth can be unbearable to hear. From the King’s perspective things are going great for Israel so why is there reason to complain? They are stronger, more politically secure, and wealthier than Israel has ever been, right now is the golden age of Israel! From his perspective, he has done everything in his power to build up Israel, except for following God, which is the most important responsibility of the King. Now, there is this guy who is going around telling people that God is going to bring down punishment on Israel and the King because even though everything else was going great, he had failed in one aspect. The King found this hard to hear.

Have you ever been in a situation where someone tells you the truth and you found it unbearable? Maybe it was a friend, loved one, or even your pastor on Sunday morning. All truth is God’s truth. We must be ready to receive the truth of God in all circumstances and humble ourselves to follow God even if it hurts. Check yourself and allow yourself to be humbled by the truth that God is giving you. Don’t be like the king who rejected the truth of God because the truth was difficult.


Pastor Alex Gebert

Crossroads Wesleyan Church

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