The Love of God

The Book of Revelation: Chapter 6

And now we come to arguably the most famous chapter in the entire book of Revelation. The fame of this chapter is due in no small part to Johnny Cash who included it in his song The Man Comes Around, which in all accounts is a fantastic song. In this chapter there are the “4 Horseman of the Apocalypse” which represent different things.

The first horseman that we see is a rider on a white horse wearing a crown riding out as if to conquer. There are quite a few people who believe that this rider is in fact Jesus. Well, instead of it being Jesus it is more likely that this rider is the antichrist. Jesus does return on a white horse in Revelation 19, but this is not him. Jesus’ return does not bring war, famine, and misery. This is in fact an allusion to Nimrod who ruled over Babel and was a great hunter (that’s where we get the bow). This first horseman has come to rule over humanity as a false messiah. Following the first horseman is the horseman which rides a red horse that brings war, then the rider of the black horse which brings famine, and finally the pale horse which brings death.

So far, there is not a whole lot of hope in this passage is there? Well fear not. Later in this chapter John sees the souls of the martyrs crying out for vengeance. You may be thinking; “How in the world can anyone stand against all of this destruction?” I want you to know one thing. Only those who believe in Jesus Christ and have experienced salvation can stand against the evil of this world. Hopefully, that includes you. We can stand in the face of all evil because Jesus already bore our sins on the cross. Our faith is stronger than anything we could ever face. The love of God is stronger than anything that can come against us.


Pastor Alex Gebert

Crossroads Wesleyan Church

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