Strive to be Like Jesus

The Book of Amos: Chapter 6

I once had someone tell me that the mindset that I need to have as a Christian is to be constantly disappointed in myself. As you might know, that is absolutely and completely wrong. But not why you may think so. While we don’t need to be constantly disappointed in ourselves because of our sin and we can rest in the forgiveness of Jesus, we certainly cannot allow ourselves to become complacent. In this chapter God calls out the complacency of Israel, this is an exact parallel to the Church. The Church has been entirely too complacent for entirely too long and we are suffering because of it. The faith of people is shallow and worthless and all the while the world sees this shallowness and wants nothing to do with us. And who can blame them?

We cannot allow ourselves to become complacent, we must always strive to be more like Jesus, dig deeper in our relationship with Jesus, and always fight against the sin in our hearts. The person that told me that I should be constantly disappointed in myself led me to a long time of hating myself because of my sin. It took me many years to break out of that mindset and trust in the love and forgiveness of Jesus. Instead of focusing on how broken you are and feeling as if there is nothing that you can do so you become complacent or caught in the same trap I was in let’s recognize the potential that God gave us! God gave you the potential to be like Jesus! The potential to shift cultures, change the world, and lead people to know how much Jesus loves them, the potential to be more than you ever dreamed! Recognize the complacency in yourself and strive to be more like Jesus!


Pastor Alex Gebert

Crossroads Wesleyan Church

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