People Learn Through Pain

The Book of 1 Peter: Chapter 1

I hope everyone is excited! It’s time for a new book, which means that we get to talk about everyone’s favorite topic: historical and literary context! (Okay, it’s only my favorite topic. But they really are important to be able to understand the book.) Let’s get right down to it. 1 Peter is an interesting book, honestly it is one of my favorites. The apostle Peter wrote 1 Peter, and as you can tell from the “1” in front of it, there is another. That is because it was a letter written in either A.D. 62-63 during the reign of the Roman Emperor Nero, who was a spectacularly horrible person. This letter is addressed to a wide area rather than a specific church or person, which classifies it as a “circulatory letter”, a letter that is meant to be passed around in a wide area. The exact area that it is addressed to can be seen in verse 1, but to make it easy for us it is for Asia Minor which is modern day Turkey. The main purpose of Peter writing 1 Peter is to encourage them during a time of persecution and to live full of hope. Let’s get on to the actual devotion now!

I hope that you read the entirety of the 1st chapter because there is more than I could possibly cover in that chapter. I want us to focus on the section with verses 3-9 and the particular verses of 6-7. One question that most people have asked goes along the lines of “Why won’t Jesus protect Christians from trials/pain/tragedy/etc.?” Thankfully, these verses right here tell us why. As a general rule, human beings develop more effectively and efficiently under stress or danger than in any other time, because we have to! That makes sense, right? A typical person wouldn’t have to change or have their faith “refined” so they just wouldn’t worry about it. I want you to hold onto this thought. Life may be hard, you could be going through something incredibly painful, that does not mean that God has abandoned you. Jesus WILL let you go through more than you can handle on your own so that we can learn to rely on him and on each other. If you follow after Jesus, you will come through this and you will be stronger. Jesus loves you, and he’s here for you.

-- Pastor Alex Gebert Crossroads Wesleyan Church

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