Mission of God

Mission of God

Let’s do some follow up on this last week’s sermon and devotion. In order to put that into perspective read with me 1 Corinthians 16:14. Let all that you do be done in love. The main part of both the devotion and the sermon this past week was that there are 1,271 people that live in what is considered Imperial who self-proclaim as not knowing Jesus and that it is God’s mission to reach those people and lead them to know him. I want to talk about why it is that we want to reach those people so badly. It’s because of the verse that you read just a minute ago and so many in Scripture that echo what it says. Love. We want to reach those people and lead them to know Jesus because we love them the way that Jesus loves them, and we want them to experience both salvation and the love of Jesus in their lives. We have to realize that if we don’t go take action and lead as many people as we can to know Jesus then they are not going to come to know Jesus. I seriously doubt that any of us came to first know Jesus on our own without anyone leading us to him. Why would their faith journey be any different? If no one takes action and leads those people to Jesus, then leads them into the family of Jesus (the Church) then they will not be saved. That’s the reality of the situation. Jesus loves them so much that he was willing to both live for them and die for them. The least we could do is love them enough to talk to them. Go take action. Go be the Church. Go and let all that you do be done in love.


Pastor Alex Gebert

Crossroads Wesleyan Church

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