The Book of 1 Peter: Chapter 3

         So, there is something in this chapter that kept being brought to light as I read through it and studied it. Something that the culture that we are living in is sorely missing out on. Here are the key words that kept standing out to me; “Respect, sympathetic, like-minded, gentleness”. Now here is what I want us to do, think about our culture. Are those keywords that I mentioned reflected in our culture today? No, of course they’re not. Gentleness is unheard of in conversations now, if someone votes for another political party than we do or disagrees with us on an issue we do our best to discredit them as a human being. That’s not exactly gentle.          This chapter is a message from Peter to us here today. He’s pleading with us to be respectful, sympathetic, like-minded, and gentle with each other! I want to take a second and talk about like-mindedness. Peter is not telling us to be like-minded because he thinks that we should all agree on everything (that would be incredibly annoying and honestly fairly boring). Rather, like-mindedness is focused on one purpose, Jesus. No one in their right mind would ever expect a group of people to get together and all of them to agree on anything. With disagreements comes dialogue, and from dialogue comes growth. It is easy to find voices that agree with us, try finding voices that disagree. When you find them, be respectful, sympathetic, like-minded, and gentle. If you do those things, you’ll grow as a person, and will hopefully grow as a disciple. We are the Body of Christ, and if the Body of Christ tears itself apart the moment it disagrees with itself then why would the world want to be a part of that? -- Pastor Alex Gebert Crossroads Wesleyan Church

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