He knows our deeds

The Book of Revelation: Chapter 3

Something that Jesus repeats 3 times in this chapter is "I know your deeds". By saying this Jesus is telling each of the three churches addressed in this chapter that he knows both what the church is doing and who the church is. We need to remember that. Jesus is God after all, so he can see both what we are doing and who we truly are. Jesus doesn't mean this in the same way that Santa does when he says that he knows if we have been bad or good. Jesus is saying this in a way that lets us know that even if we lead the world to believe that we are either doing something that we are hiding or being someone rather than what we are showing the world, Jesus sees through that.

Now, there are two ways to take this. First, we could take it with fear and be afraid that God is going to judge us for who we really are (not the most fun option). Or we can take it with relief because it provides for us a sense of freedom. I prefer to take it as a sense of freedom. Even if I am misunderstood and slandered against in this world for whatever reason Jesus truly knows who I am. He also truly knows who you are despite your problems, struggles, and doubts. Take that as a comfort. Even with all we've got going on and the dislike that we can even feel for ourselves Jesus still loves you.


Pastor Alex Gebert

Crossroads Wesleyan Church

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