Have You Lost Your Love For God

The Book of Revelation: Chapter 2

Remember talking about the lampstands last week? There is something I want to point out here, but I don’t want us to focus on for the devotion. In the first verse Jesus is described as walking among the lampstands. You know those times when it feels as if God isn’t there? Well we (The Church, and individuals) are the lampstands. Jesus is here among us, he isn’t in some far away place where he doesn’t even know what we look like, he’s here with us right now.

In this chapter Jesus is writing to 7 churches with both praises for what they are doing right, and an address to correct what is wrong at each of the churches. I could talk about these for days, but no one wants that so let’s focus on one. The church that really caught my eye was the church of Ephesus and how they “left their first love”. Make no mistake, the wording here is intentional. People lose things all the time on accident but no one “leaves” something by accident. The people in the church of Ephesus have chosen to leave their first love. What love is it that they left? When I asked this question, I thought of the greatest commandments “Love the Lord with all your heart” and “Love your neighbor as yourself”. The people of the church of Ephesus stopped having their heart filled with love for each other because of some small perceived wrong most likely, and we can’t fully love God unless we are fully loving his family (each other). We also can’t love each other fully unless we also love God! See the cycle here?

This is a devotion, so it is supposed to be short, so let me go ahead and ask you a question. Have we left our love for each other as the church of Ephesus did? Have we left our love of God? There is one great thing about something that we left behind intentionally. We can always choose to intentionally go back to it.


Pastor Alex Gebert

Crossroads Wesleyan Church

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