Growing Pains

The Book of 1 Peter: Chapter 5

Chapter 5 is the last chapter of 1 Peter. Being the last chapter, it is fairly stereotypical last bits of advice and affirmation of prayer for the reader. When I was reading this chapter, I was reminded of a conversation that I had earlier where someone was essentially asking how to believe in Jesus. Not just say the prayer and do the right things, but to honestly and truly believe and have a relationship with Jesus. I told them that true faith is not something that happens instantaneously but is something that takes time. The decision to follow Jesus can happen in a moment but having a mature faith can easily take a lifetime.

When Peter was writing 1 Peter 5, he undoubtedly listed off all of these last pieces of spiritual guidance, which are invaluable but did not expect someone to read his letter and immediately apply them to their life without a period of spiritual development. He even says in verse 10 that God will make us strong, firm, and steadfastafterwe suffer a little while. That period of spiritual development is crucial to a mature faith in Jesus. Maybe you’re going through it right now.Hopefullyyou’re going through it right now. Don’t buck it off or wish for it to be over. These are your growing pains. When you are having growing pains,you are growing.Let God work through what you’re going through right now to make you strong, firm, and steadfast!

-- Pastor Alex Gebert Crossroads Wesleyan Church

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