Enduring For Christ

The Book of 1 Peter: Chapter 2

There are some misconceptions that can come with this chapter if we view it at face value without digging any deeper, so today we’re going to dig a little deeper. There are certainly areas in verses 1-10 that can be confusing. But from my experience the most confusion that happens in this chapter is in verses 11-25. It’s easy to read this passage and to come out of it thinking; “Oh, I’m supposed to just let people run all over me in whatever circumstance and that is good!” I totally understand why some people would think that, but there is something much greater in this passage than simple pacifism or giving into the bullies of the world for God’s sake.

This passage stresses submitting ourselves to authorities or to the punishments that come from doing good, not because we should let people treat us like doormats, but rather because we need to be willing to endure anything for doing the right thing. There is no price that is too great for us to pay for living out the mission of God (winning people to Jesus). Where we are, we may not have to endure suffering for living like Jesus as some do in other countries, but that does not mean that it is necessarily the easiest thing either. Think about some of the consequences that you have faced in your life or the consequences that you would have faced if you had done what Jesus was asking you to.Surely there are times that we can all think of that we decided to not listen to the guidance of the Holy Spirit because the obvious consequences for doing so were harsh. That’s what the heart of this passage is about. We have to steel ourselves to be ready to endure any consequence for living like Jesus. Are you ready?

-- Pastor Alex Gebert Crossroads Wesleyan Church

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