Be God's Witness

The Book of Revelation: Chapter 11

This chapter of Revelation is a fascinating chapter! For quite a few reasons, there is prophecy, action, miracles, the working of God, all the good stuff. What really caught my eye were the two witnesses in this chapter because while a great many things in the book of Revelation are not meant to be taken literally, most that have studied this agree that these two people are two actual people. These two people have always interested me. For our purposes today let’s talk about what we can learn from these two witnesses.

These two people are called witnesses because they are doing something very specific. They are testifying about Jesus. Now they could have gotten up in front of everyone and gone on for an incredibly long time about how great tacos are. But then they wouldn’t be witnesses for Jesus, would they? You see, being a witness is not something that we simply do, it is who we are. Jesus has called you to be a witness for him. What we testify about is our own encounters with Jesus with the hope that we lead others to him. Be the witness that God has called you to be.


Pastor Alex Gebert

Crossroads Wesleyan Church

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